Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Living Above the Family Store

Maureen Dowd writes about President Obama:

He was often grumpy on the campaign. He missed his family. He disdained
what he saw as superficial, point-scoring conventions of politics, like debates
and macho put-downs and public noshing. The Chicago smarty-pants was a Michael
Jordan clutch player who grew bored if he was not challenged.

Being president, by contrast, suits him much better. He has not lapsed
into his old ambivalence. He is intellectually engaged by sculpting history. The
trellis of hideous problems is a challenge that lures him to be powerfully
concentrated. And, as his aides say, he loves living above the family

Mixing play with intense work is not only a good mental health
strategy; it’s a good way to show the world that American confidence and cool —
and Cary Grant romantic flair — still thrive.

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