Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lame Speech

Progressive Joshua Foust wrote in The American Prospect:
As pleasing as President Obama’s speech is, how we actually go about this process will matter tremendously. For the time being, all we have is Obama’s inspiring rhetoric and the dramatic shift in focus.
Pardon me? Inspiring rhetoric?  Dramatic shift?  That was one of the most canned and pedestrian speechs I've heard Obama give.  There was NO doubt he was reading that off the teleprompter.  And so blatently political too, as in shifting from national security to all the 'nation-building' that we must/can/will do at home.  Oh really?  With what money exactly? 

There was no dramatic shift...none, nada, zip, zero.  Same old, same old.  More war, more bloodshed and death, more money wasted, more lies and deceptions.

As a writer for FireDogLake put it so well:
Dude, your speech was so lame and wooden you make Al Gore in 2000 look exciting. Pathetic. I could also see your eyes move when you read the teleprompter. You’re losing your touch.  But you lost me long before.

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