Monday, January 26, 2009

Israel and Hamas

Have you ever tried to kill a hornet with a sledge hammer? Would the damage to the furniture be worth the death of the hornet?

4,000 homes destroyed, 21,000 badly damaged, 100,000 people homeless, according to several aid agencies... Homes have been blown up or bulldozed, their squashed furniture visible beneath layers of collapsed concrete. Factories — for paint, dairy products, soft drinks — have been smashed. Schools have 10-foot holes in their walls. Wedding halls are blackened hulks. The American International School, a private institution in northern Gaza, has been destroyed. Mosques are gone.

Moreover, in addition to the buildings that housed Hamas’s main security networks, institutions like the parliament, the main ministries, the central prison and nearly all the police stations are crushed beyond repair.

Think Israel and it's attack on Hamas in Gaza. Not very smart, but very brutal. Yes, Israel has great weapons (mostly provided by us), but that will not gain them what they want and need. This is short-term pleasure, long-term pain, on the part of the Israelies.

I thought they were smarter than that.

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