Monday, January 26, 2009

Republic of Overfed Clowns

Every monday morning, some of us wait with bated breath for James Kunstler's new essay on his website, (You always have to scroll down to the 'Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle' part of the website. I wish he'd fix that so I could link it directly.) He always presents his own entertaining and insightful take on what's happening, from his unique 'new urbanist, peak oil' perspective. Here's a sample from last week's essay, but go and see for yourself.

Mr. Obama deserves credit for a lot of things, but perhaps most amazingly his ability to see "hope" in a public so demoralized by their own bad choices that the USA scene has devolved to a non-stop Special Olympics of everyday life, where absolutely everybody is debilitated, deluded, challenged, or needs a leg up, or an extra buck, or a pallet on the floor, or a gastric bypass, or a week in detox, or a head-start, or a fourth strike, or a $150-billion bailout. There's a lot of raw material from sea to shining sea, admittedly, but how do you re-shape it into a population guided by a sense of earnest purpose, with reality-based expectations, with habits of delayed gratification and impulse control, and a sense of their own history? That will be quite a trick. Many of us -- myself included -- will be pulling for Barack. Maybe the power of his rhetoric and his sheer buff physical presence can whip this republic of overfed clowns into shape.

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