Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald

Over the years, one of the ways that I have come across some of my best new ideas is to walk down the aisles in whatever university library I happen to be in and just browse for books on the shelves.  I have come upon more interesting authors that way, that I never would have encountered any other way.

These days I find myself doing the same thing except now it's mostly on the internet.  I'll see an unusual article somewhere, which will lead me to a different story/link, which will take me to another link, and I finally end up with something I find very interesting, challenging, and provocative.

That happened yesterday when I encountered the following interview with Judith Vary Baker, the girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald.  I had never heard of her before, but in this recently recorded interview, she basically tells the story of her intimate relationship with Oswald in the months and years before he died in connection with the JFK assassination.

According to Judith (who, even in her old age, has been forced to leave the United States and live in exile abroad, out of fear for her life), Oswald was (1) a member/asset of the Marine Corp/FBI/CIA; (2) preparing to help assassinate Fidel Castro; (3) a sophisticated and well-educated man; (4) set up as a patsy to take the blame for the Kennedy assassination by the CIA/FBI.  There are other revelations here as well.

As with everything else, you have to decide for yourself what you're going to believe or not believe in terms of what someone says, and that is never easy.  Although Judith starts off slow and unconvincing, as the interview goes along and relaxes, she becomes more credible sounding, and I have to say she's sounds credible, and her story is in line with other things I read about the assassination of JFK.  But it is a shocking, even jolting interview.  Know that you may be taking the 'red pill' if you listen to this (The Matrix).

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  1. I have always had doubts about the "assassination" because of something my father let slip when he saw my mother crying in front of the TV after it happened. My father had the highest top-secret clearance and was a pilot in the Air Force. He said, "...they had to something about him," meaning JFK. I believe the Military Industrial Complex was involved because of my father's statement and his top security clearance. (My dad never spoke about JFK or the assassination ever again. He died in 1971 and took any knowledge about it with him.)

  2. Interesting comment, Gra'ma Banana. I assume you meant 'they had to do something about him', with the 'do'. What revealing comment. It's too bad that he never shared more with you. I'm sure there are many thousands of people in the same position. And we ask how a 'conspiracy' could exist...that's part of the answer. Silence on the part of the people who knew, who many reasons I'm sure.

    I've doubted the conventional narrative for probably 15 or 20 years now, ever since watching a documentary series on the assassination that was pretty amazing in pulling together the various threads of evidence and information that casts doubt on the Warren Commission and its narrative. The best recent book on the subject is "JFK and the Unspeakable" by James Douglass.
    --Carl Lindquist

  3. And this is a problem with the whole Kennedy-Tippit-Oswald-Ruby thing. Too many dead bodies too soon after the event. If that isn't code for "Keep your mouth shut or the same will happen to you and yours", I don't know what is. Too many died within just a few years after the event, it was shocking and scary to regular people, imagine what it was for people who were "in the know". The same thing happens today. Think SEAL Team Six.

    Thanks for the Judyth Baker video.

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