Friday, September 16, 2011

Kevin Phillips, Prophet of the Great Contraction

It is so hard to get a handle on this economic crisis we are living through. However, for a very sophisticated and, I think, accurate analysis of how we got here, you couldn't do much better than this video of Kevin Phillips, one of the truly prophetic national analysts of our day. He came to prominence as an aid to President Nixon, and since then has been writing as a social analyst of our emerging political, economic, and cultural patterns. The following video is of a lecture he gave in April of 2008, before the crash the following September.  He was spot on. (Since 2008, he has virtually disappeared from sight, and I don't know why.) He has several books out, if you want to read more, including Wealth and Democracy, American Theocracy, and Bad Money. [I've posted it before last December, but it is so important that I'm posting it again.]

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