Friday, September 12, 2014

Architects and Engineers Question the Myth of WTC 7

For a while, on and after the actual day of 9/11, I too accepted the media/government-driven story that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by the heat from fires caused by the collision of two airliners piloted by terrorist hijackers.  Why wouldn't you when, shockingly, you saw it happen right before your very eyes, saw thousands of people die in a few moments of hell on earth?

But at some point, I'm not sure when or even why, the shock wore off and I became rational again.

Perhaps it was when I learned that WTC 7 also collapsed that day, only a few hours later, in the same way, completely and quickly.  And it had NOT been hit by an airplane, but just had a few office fires and some fairly minor damage in it, caused by flying debris from WTC 1 & 2.

How did that happen?  Yes, indeed, how and why did WTC 7 collapse?  And actually, when you think about it, why did WTC 1 & 2 collapse like they did, at free-fall speed, because of some fires?  I thought they were steel-framed skyscrapers that were designed to withstand fires and airplane collisions.

These questions also apparently bother millions of other people, including thousands of architects and engineers, who have gone on record as questioning the official story/report on the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11.  Most of them believe, as I do, that these buildings could only have collapsed because they were 'brought down' by controlled demolition.  Any other conclusion does not make any sense.

And when you rationally posit 'controlled demotion' as the cause for the collapse of any of the WTC buildings, then, all of a sudden, nothing about the official theory about 9/11 makes any sense.

Which is why most Americans are afraid to look at this evidence:  it is just too disorienting, too shocking, too threatening to their worldview.  I understand that.  Been there, done there.

But the alternative is actually far worse: living in a delusional, irrational, fearful 'matrix'-like dream world that someone else has dreamed up for you.

Truth or choose.  Reality or psychological denial.  Real evidence or blind obedience.  The red pill or the blue pill.

Watch the following 15-minute video, hosted by actor Ed Asner.  A longer version of it has recently been shown on the PBS stations in Colorado during their annual fund-raiser.  The courageous producer, architect Richard Gage, has also been interviewed on C-Span.

Then you can decide for yourself what you want to think or believe.

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