Monday, March 23, 2009

The Swing Set

Joel Achenbach on the White House swing set:

First, that "swing set." Newly installed on the White House lawn, bristling with accessories, the swing set -- really more of an amusement park -- stole the show when Obama's interview aired on "60 minutes" last night. The president called it the Rolls Royce of swing sets, but it was more like the Space Shuttle of swing sets.

A quick glimpse indicates that the play equipment includes: Two swings, a slide, a fortress, an observation platform, a rope, a tunnel, a trapdoor, monkey bars, a zipline, a moon bounce, a trampoline, a live pony, a pop-a-shot, a 24-hour concierge and a wine cave.

Obama talked to Steve Kroft about all the hard decisions he has to make, day in and day out, and how many of them are decisions between a bad option and a worse option. But he doesn't pick out the swing sets. "The Admiral" did that.

I will keep an eye out for a backlash against the swing set. You know: "Main Street" protesting the swing set as excessive, elitist and obscene. Why should some rich kids have giant swing sets with private heliports, while most American kids have to content themselves with a single squeaky little swing perched over a puddle?

Not a good time to unveil the Presidential swing set. I know, petty-petty. But it just seems to enhance the 'out-of-touch', tone-deaf image that Obama is starting to get. NCAA brackets, Direct TV on Airforce One, workout gym in the White House, home everynight for dinner with the family, etc., etc., etc.

ENOUGH ALREADY. Go hide out in the Treasury Department for awhile. And please, please, don't have any cameras around when you're out weeding your arugula. I don't care what Michelle says. Better, just let her and the chef do that.

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