Friday, February 4, 2011

Assange Off the Hook

My guess is that the US has pretty much forgotten about trying to bring Julian Assange of Wikileaks here for trial.  World events have bypassed that issue and shown 'openness'--speaking truth to power--to be an aid to democracy, not a threat to it.  Assange's timing is pretty good, I'd say.


  1. The US hasn't prosecuted the financial institutions or individuals that created our near economic collapse so why go after anyone else? Julian Assange is doing us a service by keeping the "Masters of the Universe" looking over their shoulders. Back in the 80s, those responsible for the S&L debacle were tried and sent to jail. The S&L crimes weren't even as bad as the subterfuge that today's banks engaged in. Getting rid of Glass Stegall worked wonders for financial institutions and got regulation off their backs. Look how they squandered that boon! I don't think regulation is a necessarily bad thing. Glass Stegall worked for almost a century and financial institutions still prospered. They just got too greedy and now it is at taxpayers expense. Wonder why we aren't going after these idiots who almost created a world economic collapse?