Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It Finally Comes Out: Obama Is a Center-Right Realist

Ross Douthet, young conservative columnist for the NYT, acknowledges what I've been saying since not too long after his election: Obama is a center-right foreign policy realist.
Indeed, from the twilight struggle over Iran’s nuclear program — featuring sanctions, sabotage, and the threat of military force — to the counterinsurgency in Afghanistan, this White House’s entire approach to international affairs looks like a continuation of the Condoleezza Rice-Robert Gates phase of the Bush administration.
Conservatives and Republicans have been denying this for a long time, saying that Obama is a weak liberal type. Only honest progressives and leftists have seen it correctly, and nearly from the start. Which is why they are unhappy with most of Obama's foreign policy. They didn't vote for such a foreign policy, but that's what they got, because Obama is so good as faking out the liberal/left.

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