Thursday, February 24, 2011

L'affaire Assange

Julian Assange is finally going to be extradicted to Sweden from Britain, on charges of sexual something-or-other.  My guess is that those charges will fall apart, once he gets there and goes throught the procedures.  Sweden obviously is not sexually puritanical, though these charges seem based more on feminist thinking, with which Sweden is blest.  Yet, these charges seem somehow trumped up to me and not serious, though I could obviously be wrong in that.

My guess is that it could be very unpopular in Sweden to try and convict someone like Assange, who is seen in much of the world (and I would imagine in Sweden) as a hero for freedom of the press and the free flow of information.

However, I think the threat of extradiction to the United States has passed.  The Middle East crisis has so changed things in terms of foreign policy, that it seems to me that Wikileaks is now 'old news' and the Obama administration will not want to bother with the Assange affair.

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