Sunday, May 22, 2011

Huntsman, The New Youth Candidate

Things to continue to go Jon Huntsman's way.  Mitch Daniels is not going to run for the Republican nomination, paving the way for those more centrist Republicans who don't care for Mitt Romney to move Huntman's way.  Tim Pawlenty remains his old BORING self who, though he's been around for years, can't get above 3 or 4 percent in a Republican poll.  The talking heads on Sunday talk shows, for some strange reason, can't seem to take Huntsman's seriously, but these 'inside-the-beltway' pundits are pathetic in their ability to see what's going on outside their little 'Truman Show' world of Georgetown and D.C.

Barring a major misstep (which is always possible in our media-saturated world--eg. Newt Gingrich), I think Jon Huntsman will be seen within one month as a major Republican candidate, rising in the polls, getting endorsements, and raising money.

I also predict that he will become the 'youth' candidate in the forthcoming election, replacing Barack Obama as the inspirer of the younger generations.  Obama has largely lost that role, given his refusal to be a transforming or even truly reforming President.  (And being known as the 'killer of Osama bin Laden' is not going to restore him to it.)  Huntsman's background includes (if you can believe this) dropping out of high school to play in a rock band, and then getting his degree by GED!  (Of course he went on to finish college at Penn, an Ivy League school.)  He also loves motorcycles and motocross, he cares about the environment, and doesn't come across as a religious fanatic.  These are facts that youth will be attracted to.  Plus he actually speaks Chinese, which is almost mysterious!  And finally, he is able, I sense, to give them some hope for the future.

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