Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Libyan Intervention

This is one of the better critiques of Obama's intervention in Libya, written by George Will.  It illustrates the non-interventionism of one of the exemplars of paleo-conservatism (or whatever Will is), compared to the lack of hesitation to intervene on the part of liberal 'humanitarian imperialism'.  Liberal 'internationalism' (which, like its conservative counterpart, neo-conservatism, thinks that no part of the globe should be safe from American meddling) can't wait to solve all the world's problems, whatever it takes. 

Actually, it's all a form of being the Grand Global Hegemon, which is a temptation we can't seem to resist.  After all, we have the world's greatest military, why not use it?  Until we fall apart economically, that is, at which point we'll collapse, panting, in a heap, with plenty of blood on our hands.

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