Friday, March 6, 2009

Legalized Crime

While Paul Krugman tries to make logical sense of whatever it is that Obama's treasury people are proposing these days in terms of financial bailouts, Michael Kinsley gives it the treatment it truly deserves here. Tidbit:

Standing behind the secretary as he spoke at a news conference yesterday was a man later identified as William P. "Billy the Bailout" Baritone. The president has nominated Baritone for the newly created post of assistant secretary of the Treasury for illegal affairs. Baritone has spent his entire career in organized crime and is expected to win easy confirmation in the Senate, where many members credit his organization with being a major job creator in their states.

Baritone concurred with the secretary's analysis of the situation. "A gun to your head," he said with a grin, and a wave of the raincoat draped over his right hand. "I like that. And don' you fugget it." He then moved the raincoat with his left hand, revealing an apple in his right, took a large bite out of it, and burst out laughing.

"What did you think?" he snorted. "You think I would whack the secretary of the Treasury in the middle of a press conference? You been watching too many reruns of 'The Sopranos.' We don't operate like that anymore. We're legitimate businesspeople.

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