Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Real Conspiracy Theory

The Freeman caper is not even close to being a conspiracy theory. No, here's a conspiracy theory. I still believe that 9-11 was, at least in part, an inside job. There, I've said it.

Reason #1: short of some kind of evidence that I can't even imagine, I will never believe that World Trade Center Building 7 (the third building besides Buildings One and Two, that few people know about) collapsed on its own because of a few fires on a few floors, caught from burning debris from the collapsing buildings One and Two nearby. It seems obvious from looking at the video clip of it collapsing that it was brought down in a controlled explosion, not by a few weakened structural beams (which has never happened anywhere else in the world). And if building 7 was rigged to implode, then it was done by someone other than 15 crazy Arabs. And if it was pre-wired to implode, then it is a lot easier to believe that somehow buildings One and Two were rigged as well, since they collapsed the same way, all at free-fall speed. And there you go.

Reason #2: are you telling me that with an hour and an half advanced notice, a commercial airliner was allowed to hit the Pentagon, without being confronted by or shot down by a jet fighter or a defensive missile (which they surely have on the roof of the Pentegon)? The Pentagon is almost surely the most secure building in the world, the center of the mightiest military machine in the history of the world. It being totally defenseless in this way is simply inconceivable to me. There are two options here: our military was completely and utterly, indeed stupefying, incompetent on 9/11; or someone held back the defensive measures to allow this to happen. It is far easier for me to believe the latter, given what we now know about some of the participants in the Bush administration.

These are only the two most persuasive reasons; there are many more.

Now that is a real conspiracy theory. Because either way, it was a conspiracy. Either 15 Arab extremists (along with their handlers in Al Quaeda), or a small group of American militarists wanting a 21st century Pearl Harbor, or both, conspired to accomplish these deeds. Which was it?

I've put off writing a post like this for several years. But it is time.

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  1. That ones' been burning inside for a while, huh? The blog keeps getting more and more interesting... keep it up!