Monday, March 9, 2009

Wives of Bodybuilders

Here the latest pearls from James Howard Kunstler. He wants to prosecute the Wall Street boys:

Meanwhile, if the buzz on the blogosphere is a measure of anything -- and I think it is -- then a new consensus is forming out there about where to start doing things differently. Unfortunately after less than two months in office, President Obama finds himself awkwardly behind-the-curve on this. It begins with the understanding that a general bank rescue is hopeless and, going a step further, that the people who caused the train wreck of "innovative" securities have to be prosecuted.

What I'm hearing out in the blogosphere is a growing clamor to call people to account before we are really able to move on to the massive task-list that awaits us in rebuilding our economy.

I really doubt Obama will do this, since that's not his style, plus he knows too many of them personally and has taken plenty of their political money.

But Andrew Cuomo? That's another story. What's interesting is how many politicians make their reputations in New York as muckrakers and corruption fighters.

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