Monday, December 22, 2008

How Dare He.......

Watching MSNBC this morning, I was struck by how angry the media is at Obama.....for not being interesting. No scandals. No stumbling over words or saying strange things (at least since the Nancy Reagan/seance gaffe). Its so boring, what are we to do!

"The whole thing might have ended in snores if McCormick hadn't piped up about Blagojevich." Ah, saved! (The Daily Howler, which I link to here, is the best media critique out there.)

They want SO BADLY to squeeze something out of the Blagojevich/Emmanuel conversations. I saw Michelle Norris of NPR on Meet the Press and she basically said, "well, Obama hasn't done anything wrong, everything he said has been accurate, BUT, you know, some people have misunderstood what he has said, which is of course Obama's fault and not the fault of the press or the idiots who misunderstood." These people make me sick sometimes.

I mean, think about the consequences: the press might have to cover actual news and, you know, issues that have something to do with Great Depression 2.0, rather than their normal court-intrigue and scandal crap! One shutters at the thought of how boring that would be.

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