Monday, December 15, 2008

My Email to Andrew Sullivan

Lets see if he posts it.

Title: Message from a Neither Greedy nor Stupid Person: Please Bailout the Stupid and the Greedy for My Sake!

Andrew, earlier today you made the case that the "greedy and stupid" must pay the price of foreclosure and bankruptcy in order for the country to avoid a repeat performance of the obscene risk-taking and outright gambling that characterized the last decade. On grounds of morality and justice, I agree with you completely. However, as a matter of self-interest, even as a non-greedy and stupid person, I must beg of you (well, really the government): please don't let the idiots drag down the rest of us!

I am 28 years old, have never bought a house (could never afford it during the the boom and could never qualify for a loan in the bust without a 20% down payment), never owned stocks (just recently got a decent job), and have large student loans, a car payment, and some credit card debt. I this qualifies me as someone who has played by conservative financial rules, has done things the right way, went to school, got a good job that benefits society (I am a city planner) and now deserve to reap the rewards.

Unfortunately, my career, as well as those of most Americans, is dependent on avoiding the severe economic depression that is currently staring us in the face. I do not look forward to ten years of the prime of my life being wasted in economic misery. As much as I hate it, my livelihood and the livelihood of most of the world is dependent (you are fortunate to not be so dependent, Andrew, which may contribute to your willingness to allow the country to be taught a lesson) on rescuing our economy by bailing-out the fools and frauds who brought this apocalypse on us.

To me, it feels like giving in to the demands of terrorists so that they will release their hostages. I hate it, but I see no other way around it unless I am willing to myself suffer. And I am no masochist.

Best from a huge fan,


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