Sunday, February 1, 2009

Disgorge Those Bonuses

Maureen Dowd writes scathingly about the Wall Street 'fat cats':

The president’s disgust at Wall Street looters was good. But we need more. We need disgorgement. Disgorgement is when courts force wrongdoers to repay ill-gotten gains. And I’m ill at the gains gotten by scummy executives acting all Gordon Gekko while they’re getting bailed out by us.

Dowd agrees with Republican Senator Charles Grassley, of all people:

Senator Chuck Grassley urged the administration to snatch back the bonuses. “They ought to give ’em back or we should go get ’em,” the Republican told me. “If this were Japan and a corporate executive did what is being done on Wall Street, they’d either go out and commit suicide or go before the board of directors and the country and take a very deep bow and apologize.”

Now that is a straight talker!

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