Sunday, February 1, 2009

Surrogate Warfare

I'm watching the Super Bowl, and it's interesting the connection between this football game and the military. General Petraus has just tossed the coin. Jennifer Hudson sang a spine-tingling version of the National Anthem, after which a bunch of jets flew over in formation, perfectly timed for the occasion. A contingent of soldiers, sailors, etc. drummed their way onto the field with flags aflying.

I don't know, but does anyone think it's kind of strange? We don't have this kind of display during the World Series (other than the National Anthem, which has to be played at every sports event, it seems.) Maybe it's because football is a kind of surrogate battle between unarmed warriors.

If that's it, then okay. Lobbing a football is far better than lobbing a 500 pound bomb. A football rarely kills anyone.

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