Saturday, August 22, 2009


Mike Lux writes on the Huffington Post about Obama's growing problem with his base, who are essential to his success and reelection:

The other key problem is the lack of passion Obama and his White House seem
to bring to fighting for what matters to progressives. The tap dance they've
been doing on whether Obama not just supports, but will fight for, a public
option has been going on since the transition, and it's only one of many
policies they are determined not to commit too much to. The unwillingness to
pick fights and go toe-to-toe with insurers, drug companies, Wall Street, and
other special interests is making the progressive community a lot less willing
to pick fights for them.

You see the warning signs everywhere, from Paul Krugman's columns to
Bill Maher monologues to the dropping numbers from Democrats in the latest DailyKos poll. But what worries me the most is the
hard-core Obama people I know, the ones who were most excited about him during
the campaign who are growing so disillusioned.

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