Monday, August 24, 2009

Tipping Point

It is becoming clearer to me than ever that the financial/Wall Street complex, the health care industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the energy industrial complex, and the media (probably in something like that order) have this country on a leash (I wanted to put that differently but this is a decent blog).

If you happen to be wealthy or have a high-level position in one of those industries, or if you receive political contributions from them or are a lobbyist for them, you have it made in the shade.

But if you are one of the remaining, what, 80% of the population, you are definitely up a creek without a paddle.

I'm not sure what kind of society that makes us. But it sure isn't a democracy. Kevin Philips calls it a plutocracy. It's definitely a form of aristocracy, where the aristocrats are industrialists and their political lackeys. Maybe just the good old 'corporate capitalism' label works.

I'm increasing convinced there is no changing this, politically or any other way. We thought Obama was the one to begin to do this. Neo, you know. But I increasingly don't think so anymore. The tipping point came for me two days ago when I wrote this.

I've concluded that he has been bought off by the bankers, the insurers, the militarists, and the other aristocrats. Maybe he has sold his soul in the process, I don't know. Maybe he doesn't even know it. But his goals and my goals don't seem to line up anymore. He talks a good line, but his actions and policies don't match what he is saying.

I feel like I've been tricked. Maybe I just tricked myself.

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