Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vitriol From the Left

David Lindell writes of the Left's bitter disappointment with Barack Obama:

Bill Clinton was the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party and to
progressives since that racist warmonger Woodrow Wilson won the presidency and
dragged the US into the First World War.

Clinton, by posing as a progressive, confused and undermined, and
ultimately betrayed the liberal/progressive wing of the party, shattering what
was left of the New Deal coalition and leaving the American left adrift and
riven by the conflict between those who thought the Democratic Party was the
only viable vehicle for progressive reform and those who thought it was
hopelessly in the grip of corporate interests.

Barack Obama offers the hope of bringing that era of debilitating
confusion to an end.
Not because he is the Great Black Hope of progressives,
but because he has taken the concept of selling out to corporate interests and
compromising with Republicans to such remarkable heights that progressives
hopefully can no longer be confused about the irretrievably corrupted nature of
the Democratic Party.

On virtually every issue of importance, President Obama has sided with
corporate interests and the wealthy....

But here is the silver lining: The sell-out this time is so much more
blatant, and so much more serious, than it was with Clinton, and for all the
talk about Obama’s ability to string words together, he is so much less of a
charismatic figure than the gregarious Bill Clinton, that he is unlikely to hang
on to the ardent support that propelled him to his victory last November. The
disappointment and sense of betrayal among progressives this time is palpable,
especially because, while Clinton, by 1994, had the excuse that he was working
with a Republican, or partially Republican Congress, Obama has solid control of
both houses, but refuses to use it. If, as I expect, the recession continues to
deepen, with more and more people losing jobs and homes, if, as I predict,
health care continues to be unaffordable and inaccessible, and if, as I am
equally certain, Iraq explodes and the war in Afghanistan continue to worsen,
the left is going to see Obama and the Democrats in Congress as the failures and
corrupt frauds they are, and will abandon them.

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