Monday, August 17, 2009

The Wild, Wild West

Wearing a gun to a government townhall meeting is a provocative act, if you ask me. It makes is a statement something like, 'if I don't like the decisions you make as my representative, I have to right to ignore them and there is nothing you can do about it'. It makes me think of them as either revolutionaries or outlaws.

Alternatively, it reminds me of a 'Western', where the cowboys ride into town, with their rifles sticking out of their saddles and their '45s in their holsters to their sides. They may just be here for a drink in the saloon, or they may shoot up the town. The citizens of the town, innocently walking down the street, don't have weapons with them; they rely on the honest sheriff to keep forces of disorder at bay.

I wonder if the police at these events ever ask these 'cowboys' for their permit to carry their gun? If they don't, I think they should, even if just to show who are the real forces of law and order.

Imagine if 'the other side', the progressive Democrats, started bringing weapons to these events? What are we going to have, a shoot-out? And if one side brings weapons, why shouldn't the other side? That is what the gun-toters need to keep in mind. Both sides can play this game. And it isn't a very smart game.

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