Saturday, August 22, 2009

Progressives Moving Away From Obama

Liberals and progressives are losing faith, confidence, and trust in Obama, according to the recent WaPo poll:

A major factor in President Obama’s
slide in today’s big
Washington Post/ABC News poll
, which is preoccupying the political classes
today, is his surprisingly sharp drops among Democrats and even liberals,
according to crosstabs that were sent my way.

Much talk today has focused on Obama’s difficulties with independents.
But the drop among Dems and liberals is also a key driving factor in the
President’s skid, according to WaPo polling analyst Jennifer Agiesta, who
graciously provided the additional data.

This suggests Obama’s conciliatory approach to the GOP, and his lack of
clarity around the public option — both of which are presumably alienating Dems
and liberals — could be key factors driving his dip.

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