Thursday, October 16, 2008


A reader comments:

Carl, I certainly hope you don't view me as a moron. I love you dearly, but take offense to you saying you "hate" undecided voters and consider them morons. As a person struggling through the issues... really truly struggling to come to an informed decision in this political race, your words are hurtful and disrespectful to those of us who can truly see both sides of an issue and wrestle with the gray. This race is not black and white for all of us (no racial pun intended). I have finally decided which candidate will get my vote, but I had to speak up for those folks who are still deliberating and are (thankfully) taking their decision seriously.

You are so right, my dear reader, and I sincerely apologize. My wife said pretty much the same thing to me (though she isn't one struggling to decide). I was venting and got carried away, which is all to easy to do online. Or as Senator McCain said on the Letterman Show tonight, "I screwed up." I'm going to pull that post and throw it away.

Anyway, let me put my point differently. The indecision of undecideds definitely annoys me, because it seems like such an easy decision for me. But I should remember that, one, not everyone obsesses about politics as much as I do, and, two, Republicans who might be considering Obama, for example, would obviously be struggling with that decision. I suppose there are other good reasons too.

But I guess I don't like it that the media hangs on the sentiments and reactions of the undecideds in these last weeks. But they do it because it is these who will provide the final margin of victory or defeat, so that's reality.

Again, my apologies. I love you too (and I'm honored that you're actually reading my blog).

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  1. Apology accepted. (grin) And BTW your blog is one of the places I had been referring to (as well as past conversations) in my quest to become an informed and intelligent voter. So, thanks!