Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Fine New Visitors Center in Gettysburg

George Will, the dean of Conservative columnists, has a bizarre piece today in the WaPo about a new visitor's center in Gettysburg. What?! The stock market and economy are collapsing, we're in the final throes of an historical election, and George Will is writing about what?

All I can think of is that he's showing that things other than politics and economics do matter. Okay, I accept that. I know that. But I'm not particularly interested right now in a Gettysburg visitor's center. It sounds like a column written by a local citizen of that nice little Pennsylvania town in their local weekly newspaper.

Maybe, in the face of bad news, Will just can't bring himself to say anything relevant. It's his form of self-control, so that he just doesn't explode in print. Or maybe it's like our cat: when she wants to ignore me, she just looks away and acts like I'm not there.

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