Monday, September 14, 2009

Temperance Movement

So Obama is going to Wall Street to urge them to reform their ways? That's like going into a saloon to urge the drinkers there to please not drink too much! It's like going into a body-building club to urge them not to become too muscle-bound! It's like going to McDonald's and asking the patrons not to eat the fries! It's like going to a casino and asking them only to spend $20!! It's like....

Give me a break!! Does anyone take any of this seriously? It's total farce.

President Obama will head to Wall Street on Monday to try to breathe new
life into efforts to overhaul the financial regulatory system, an undertaking he
has said is essential to halting the abuses and failures that led to the current

While the health-care debate has raged nationwide throughout the
summer, financial reform virtually vanished from the public radar, even as an
army of lobbyists worked on Capitol Hill to reshape the president's agenda.

In New York, Obama will try to retake the initiative, capping other
recent efforts in which top government officials have emphasized improvements in
the economy and made the case anew for rewriting the nation's financial
rulebook. He will urge members of the financial community "to take
responsibility, not only to support reforming the regulatory system but also to
avoid a return to the practices on Wall Street that led us to the financial
crisis," an administration official said Sunday.

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