Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Class Government

"At present both the old parties are controlled by professional politicians in the interests of the privileged classes, and apparently each has set up as its ideal of business and political development a government by financial despotism tempered by make-believe political assassination.  Democrat and Republican alike, they represent government of the needy many by professional politicians in the interests of the rich life. This is class government, and class government of a peculiarly unwholesome kind."
What does that sound like?  Yes, our current situation in America.  But it actually comes from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt before the nominating convention of the new National Progressive Party nearly a hundred years ago, in 1912.  (He went on to lose the election to Woodrow Wilson.)

I believe that if Michael Bloomberg runs for President in 2012, this is the kind of rhetoric that you will hear from him.

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