Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange and the New Anarchists

Here is what the German paper Das Bild said about Julian Assange:
"A man is playing God -- and his Internet platform WikiLeaks is the Last Judgement. It seems that no power on earth can control what the self-styled whistleblowers decide to send round the globe on servers. No population has ever elected them."

"And the disturbing thing is: An entity like WikiLeaks can only exist in the free world. Despots and dictators would not allow it. But at the same time, the organization is defying the rules that allow it to exist. That is anarchy."

"What would WikiLeaks say if a war breaks out between Saudi Arabia and Iran because of the publication? Dealing with freedom and information implies one thing above all: responsibility. But that's a word the online anarchists appear not to understand. Their actions are simply criminal!"

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