Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tax Deal Big Blow to Demonization of Obama by the Right?

Andrew Sullivan sees the tax deal as a big win for Obama:
Joyner sees the logic of Obama's press conference yesterday:

"[M]aking enemies of the extremists on both sides is a win. It makes it easy for Obama to dodge the “socialist” and “most liberal ever” labels. And it both belies the Republicans’ newfound zeal for fiscal responsibility and makes it harder to keep the Tea Party zealots on the reservation."

Does McConnell realize he just struck a huge blow at the FNC/Talk Radio demonization of Obama as an alien? Suddenly, this president is a deal-maker with Republicans. His ability to deal with conservatives was long a feather in his cap. Finally, he has the chance to prove it - and disprove the conspiracy theories, and crazy fabrications on the responsibility-free right. Win-win-win - if only the Dems could see it.
I think it will be easier for the Republicans to paint Obama as a loser and weak leader. They and the Fox News cohorts will NEVER give Obama credit for anything.

On the substance of the matter, it's not necessarily a horrible deal, except that it's another budget buster and give away for the rich, who should be giving back 'for the cause' just a little of the incredible wealth that they've gained in the last several decades.  But on atmospherics and in his relationship to his base, this is deadly for Obama. The respect and trust that is being lost here cannot easily be regained in a year or two.

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