Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney Stumbles at the New Hampshire Finish Line

It suddenly feels like Mitt Romney is not so inevitable as the Republican nominee.  His recent (quite incredible) gaffe--"I like being able to fire people"--while taken somewhat out of context--has given his opponents some potent ammunition with which to shoot at him.  This blooper will be seen by millions of voters dozens of time and continue to do its subtle damage to Romney's character and campaign.  For the millionaires and economic conservatives like himself, it's no problem.  For everyone else, it's a problem.

In the meantime, Santorum and Huntsman continue to rise, at least in New Hampshire, perhaps enough to taint what will surely be a first place finish in New Hampshire.  The question is: will the margin of victory be enough for it to look like a true victory and give him the boost he needs going into the next string of primaries?  I've always thought that Huntsman was strong enough to win, yet he has strangely disappointed so far.  Santorum has come on strong and is now looking more formidable than ever better, though I still don't think he really has the goods, given both the nature of the Republican Party and the national electorate.

The question of Romney's (and Huntsman's) Mormon faith continues to come up.  I have addressed the issue in several places on this blog: With a historical survey here and here.  With a look at the 'top ten' peculiarities of the Mormon faith here.  And with a listing of the Mormon strengths as a 21st century American faith here.  My full listing of posts on Mormonism is here.

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