Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Acorn is a non-profit organization that I know very little about, except that it has been involved with low-income neighbors and apparently does a lot of voter registration. Obama has been connected with it over the years, though only indirectly. But his campaign did give them a lot of money to help last spring in the voter registration effort.

Now, a lot of their voter registration work is showing signs of false identification. I said to my wife that I bet it was a matter of Acorn employees have a quota to bring in new voter registrations and they did that by making up names.

Others now agree with that. The blogger Yglesias wrote last week that "paying people based on the number of names they bring in — it creates an incentive for people to pad their lists."

Some one else added this:

The Drudges and Fox scoundrels of the world seem to think that if someone fills out a voter registration card for Mickey Mouse, that Mickey Mouse might show up and cast a vote they're not entitled to cast. It doesn't and there is zero evidence of any voter fraud or anything that would make voter fraud more likely.

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