Monday, September 29, 2008

She Doesn't Know That She Doesn't Know

Hasn't the problem with Sarah Palin been from the beginning that she doesn't know what she doesn't know? Did you follow that? She has from the beginning seemed very confident that she could be President, while at the same time knowing virtually nothing about the world, the economy, international relations, etc., etc.

I'm sorry but this is simply adolescent, like a 17 year old who thinks his parents are stupid, old fuddy-duddies and don't know a damn thing. Well, most of us by the time we're 25 or 30 or so realize that, actually, our parents were pretty smart and we really don't know a whole lot. Palin approaches politics this way. She is a complete political novice and neophyte, yet she somehow thinks she is a God-anointed gift to the nation and world, ready to go take on Putin and that Iranian President whose name I can't spell! There has got to be some psychological term for this, like 'delayed adolescence syndrome.'

Maybe we should institute psychological testing for our presidential/vice-presidential nominees. Wouldn't be a bad idea. We do it for Methodist clergy, and we can't blow up the world, just preach a bad sermon or act like a fool at a covered dish supper.

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  1. this reminded me of something David Frum recently related about Bush. Somebody told him "you'll notice that Bush never asks people questions."


    "Because he doesn't know what it is ok for him not to know."

    Or something to that effect. Palin is the same.