Saturday, October 4, 2008

Swiftboating Campaign 2.0

Word is out that Sarah Palin criticized Barack Obama today for "palling around with terrorists," referring to a casual relationship with William Ayers, a 70s Weatherman Underground radical, who has since gone on to be a Professor of Education at the University of Illinois and has a home in Obama's neighborhood.

So begins the last month of mud-slinging, since nothing else is working for them. I guess it was inevitable, but it still stinks to high heaven. I'm sure before much time has elapsed, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright will once again be raised as a major piece of the McCain/Palin campaign. It's all so predictable....and disgusting.

Update: Monday, 10-6--in his NYT column, neoconservative godfather Irving's Kristol's son Bill (who you might remember was chief of staff to Vice-President Dan Quayle--is he bucking for the same position again?) has just encouraged Palin/McCain to get down and dirty by focusing, not on the country's problems or proposed solutions, but on former pastors and casual acquaintances (Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers). That's apparently all they have left for ammunition in this fight. But of course, if the other side wanted to go there, these same issues for both McCain and Palin would be very potent. So it looks like it's going to be one of those final rounds where one opponent plays by the rules while the other begins kicking in the groin and pulling hair out. The referees (the American people) will be the ones to decide if that's fair and balanced.

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