Monday, November 21, 2016

Viewing Trump as a Mindless Boob

It seems to me that comedy sketches making fun of political figures generally need to have a foundation of reality and truth in order to be successful.  A funny caricature or impression has got to have enough resemblance to the real thing for it to be funny....otherwise, it's just pathetic.

In my opinion, the opening skit for Saturday's SNL show (shown below) was mostly pathetic.  What you see in that skit is an unrecognizable Donald Trump, a stupid Trump, a clueless Trump.  If that's the Trump you think exists in reality, it's no wonder that the Left thinks the people who voted for him are deplorable and ignorant boobs.

The real Trump is a smart, savvy, experienced business (and now political) operator, who first demolished the rest of the Republican primary field, then beat Hillary Clinton in what has got to be one of the most astounding events in American political history.

If the Left want to continue to view Trump as a mindless reality show entertainer after all that has happened in the last two years, be my guest.  Go ahead, wallow in your own ignorance and liberal bubble bath.  Because that will only make his task of changing the direction of this country that much easier.

(And for God's sake, at least make Kellyanne Conway someone who smiles and can talk!  Kate McKinnon, who did a very good Hillary, failed utterly in impersonating Conway.)


  1. agree..well said..Karen kelly

  2. Trump actually is an ignorant boob. He gets by not by knowing what he's talking about, but by refusing to admit error and bullying anyone who disagrees- facts of reality be damned.

    That a large number of right-wing numbers like the idea of having a tough guy in charge has no bearing on the fact that he's ignorant and continues to demonstrate his ignorance. Knowledge and deep understanding don't matter to people like him. Those are traits of nerdy losers.