Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guns Are Here to Stay

Realistically, I doubt that there is any chance that gun laws that allow the kind of violent outrage in Tucson are going to be changed anytime in the near future.  The NRA rules in Washington and most state capitols.  The anti-gun control Republicans rule the House and probably will for years.  In the Senate, the blue-dog Democrats love their guns, not to speak of the Republicans.  Conservatives dominate in the Supreme Court.  In general, Americans love movies that glorify gun violence, including westerns and organized crime.  TV shows that feature crime shows are everywhere.  The best selling novels of our time are a Swedish series of crime novels, for god's sake. 

The Genie is out of the Bottle on this one, and it's not going back in.  Guns, in every one's hand are here to stay.  I wish it were different (like Europe, in this case), but it's not.

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