Saturday, January 1, 2011

Political Stock Market: Bloomberg and Christie Down, Jeb Bush Up

Like the Titanic, politicians sometimes hit an iceberg and sink.  The iceberg in this case was the December blizzard that hit the Northeast, and the Titanic-like politicians were Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and (probably) Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

The damage would seem to be greater in the case of Governor Christie who, in a most politically tone-deaf way, continued on his holiday family vacation to Disney World in Florida as the blizzard approached his state.  Ooch!  Politicians (like clergy) cannot be seen as putting their families and/or vacation before their responsibilities to their constitutents (congregations), or they will never be respected as to their devotion to their people.  Christie has, I think, cooked his goose as far as larger political ambitions go (if he had any).

Mayor Bloomberg was, unlike Christie, in New York City during the blizzard.  But he said several things that seem to indicate a less-than-complete concern about the outer boroughs outside of Manhatten.  So he came across as a bit crass and aloof, as well as taking a hit with regards to his non-partisan administrative competency, which has been his most attractive characteristic in regards to his Presidential ambitions.  I think he has become a less attractive candidate now with regards to national independents.

As of January 1, 2011, I think the stock of both Bloomberg and Christie in national politics has crashed.  On the other hand, the stock of Jeb Bush has taken another step upward.  While Governor Jeb Bush has largely stayed out of public view recently, I think you can begin to see that change in the very near future.

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