Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking For an Honest Politician

As I reflect on things in our country, it seems to me that what we most need above all are honest politicians (that may be an oxymoron), of any ideology or party, who are truly public servants first and last.  That's what appeals to me about someone like Arizona Sheriff Dupnick, who is not only a good sheriff, as far as I know, but who also speaks his mind honestly, even if it ruffles feathers among his constituents.  That's what appeals to me about Ron Paul, as well, who speaks his mind honestly, in season and out of season, whether it's politically advantageous or not.  I hope his son Rand is the same way.

Washington is simply bloated with dishonest, self-seeking politicians who have been bought off by the corporate and special interest lobbyists.  (See the recent post on Speaker Boehner.)  And some of the Senators leaving office this year, either through retirement or because they were 'fired' by voters, were the most honest and public-spirited, eg. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, and Ohio's Voinovich.  These men will be missed.

And to be honest about it, I'm still trying to determine how truly honest our President really is--the same problem I had--have--with his Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton.  I don't like his new Chief of Staff Bill Daly in that regard, just as I didn't care for Rahm Emmanuel.  They were both political hacks, tied in too tightly to the corporate interests.  All too often, Obama's rhetoric, while beautiful and inspiring, doesn't match his actions.  As a result, I've become cynical about him and lacking in trust that he will actually follow through on what he says.

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