Saturday, December 3, 2016

General Mattis to be the Secretary of Defense in a Trump Administration

President-Elect Trump has picked Gen. James Mattis to be his nominee for Secretary of Defense.  Everybody seems very pleased with the selection (as the video below amply demonstrates).

This was a very important pick in terms of allaying the fears of many in Washington and around the country about Trump.  It's becoming quite clear that the President-Elect is going about the selection of his Cabinet with the kind of consideration, thoughtfulness, openness, and generosity that is, honestly, shocking his enemies and greatly pleasing his friends and admirers.

It bodes well for the next four years.  In military matters, weakness invites disrespect, contempt, and aggression, while strength commands respect, caution, and, hopefully, peace.

This Cabinet selection, along with a number of others, puts the lie to the notion that Trump is some kind of mindless boob, as portrayed on the late night 'comedy' shows like SNL here.  To those with eyes to see, it's been clear for a long time that Trump is an intelligent, energetic, pragmatic businessman (and now politician), as I wrote here over a year ago.  But of course, it was much more fun for the press and his political enemies to ridicule and make fun of him.  Fortunately, those days are now over.

My previous post on General Mattis from two weeks ago, with some of his famous sayings, is here.

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