Friday, October 5, 2012

Lazy and Stupid?

John Sununu, the obnoxious Republican bigot from New Hampshire, sums up the new right-wing talking point about Barack Obama.  He's lazy and stupid. 

Oh, really?  That's quite interesting. 

Here you have a talented young black man in America, whose father, a young black Kenyan, came to America on a scholarship and received a Masters degree in economics from Harvard University, and whose mother received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii.  Barack himself attended Occidental College, Columbia University, and finally, Harvard Law School, where he was assistant to Law Professor Laurence Tribe and the first black editor of the Harvard Law Revew, the most prestigious position for a student in legal education.

Spurning the normal route to riches and fame after law school--Wall Street or one of the prestigious law firms--Obama goes to Chicago, helps the impoverished black neighbors through community organizing, and then pursues politics, being elected to the Illinois State Senate.  Then he crushes the hapless (but very intelligent) black conservative Alan Keyes in the U.S. Senate race from Illinois, and finally puts together a campaign that beats both his democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and then his Republican opponent, John McCain, winning over 52% of the popular vote and a huge majority of the electoral college, in the process becoming the first black President of the United States.

And so you're telling me, Gov. Sununu, that Barack Obama is lazy and stupid?  He's not lazy or stupid at all, just the opposite.  It's just that you've got your big, fat head, with its big, fat mouth, up your big, fat ass.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you pathetic piece of white trash.


  1. Carl...not very becoming for a minister of the gospel

    1. I'm I am free to say what I feel, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, especially when some imbecile like Gov. Sununu acts like a bigot. If you think this is bad, go read some of Amos or apostle Paul. Paul told some of his folks to go castrate themselves.

  2. It's been four years, why do you bring up these fantasies about obama's parents now.
    It's bad enough that liberals want us to believe in a guy for whom we have no records at all, but now you want us to believe in fictitious parents with yet more fictitious degrees with NO proof of any kind... Please, you've had four years are these the best lies you can come up with.

  3. Dr. Leo Marvin, this is a joke, right? You must be a made up character out of 'What About Bob', just like your comment. What world do you live in? I'm really sick of this right-wing, conspiratorial craziness....