Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Con Artist

Did you ever come across someone who will just say anything....even if it's not true....even if it directly contradicts what they've already said....just to make you like them or, worse, to make you buy something from them?  What do you call someone like that? 

A con artist, that's what.
Con artists make money through deception. They lie, cheat and fool people into thinking they've happened onto a great deal or some easy money, when ­they're the ones who'll be making money. If that doesn't work, they'll take advantage of our weaknesses -- loneliness, insecurity, poor health or simple ignorance. The only thing more important to a con artist than perfecting a con is perfecting a total lack of conscience.

What does the average con artist look like? Despite what you may think, he isn't always a shady-looking character. A con artist is an expert at looking however he needs to look. If the con involves banking or investments, the con artist will wear a snappy suit. If it involves home improvement scams, he'll show up wearing well-worn work clothes. Even the basic assumption that the con is a "he" is incorrect: there are plenty of con women too.

­You might think you can spot a con artist because he's someone you instinctively "don't trust." But the term con artist is short for confidence artist -- they gain your confidence just long enough to get their hands on your money. They can be very charming and persuasive. A good con artist can even make you believe he is really an old friend you haven't seen in years.

Con artists do share certain characteristics, however. Even the best con can only go on for so long before people start getting suspicious. For that reason, con artists tend to move frequently. They may have a job that allows this, or they might claim to have such a job. Railroad worker, carnival worker and traveling salesman are all parts con artists play to cover up their constant relocations.
Here are just a few of the 'cons' that candidate Romney has used so far: 20% tax cut, 47%/100%, gun control, abortion, Planned Parenthood, global warming, education, health care, "pre-existing conditions", Medicare, immigration, Iraq, Libya, a Palestinian state, and the list goes on. Positions that Romney has taken and then reversed himself over the last ten years or over the last six months or since yesterday. It's one of the reasons that Romney is...um...so well liked by his Republicans peers....

Most right-wingers of course don't really seem to have a problem with this. Why? Because they have this irrational hatred and/or fear of Barack Obama to the point that anyone saying anything is preferable, as long as they can beat Obama. Because they're used to doing the ole' 'bait and switch' themselves whenever they have to run for office. Because when your moral code is 'whatever is good for me' (the new Randian code of ethics), it's easy to lie and steal and con in order to get the power and stuff you want.

Is it a surprise that such a political con artist can come on television--deliver his con with verve and a smile--and end up making the sale? In the good old U.S.A? Not at all. WE LOVE CON ARTISTS HERE!


  1. concerning your first line, yes. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

    ...Con artists do share certain characteristics, however. Even the best con can only go on for so long before people start getting suspicious. For that reason, con artists tend to move frequently...

    which is why Barack will be moving again in a few short months...

  2. At least Barack Hussein Obama has provided us with 12 years of his tax returns and Willard Mitt Romney has provided us "almost" one of his.