Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain Proves That Conservative Republicans Are Not Racists

Let's just say it.  Conservative Republican support for Herman Cain should help to eliminate any residual charges of racism against Republicans and conservatives.  I've felt that was true for some time anyway.  Republican President George W. Bush appointed Colin Powell as the first black Secretary of State, and Condaleeza Rice as the second.  Conservatives and Republicans supported Alan Keyes for Senator from Illinois against Barack Obama. 

It's ideology now that trumps race or sex.

Of course, it doesn't eliminate the charge that Republican and conservatives prefer incompetent ideologues over competent pragmatists. 

Or to put it another way, loudmouth ignoramuses, even if they're black, still attract far too many conservative Republicans.

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  1. Because I live in the "deep south" and have lived in GA, AL, LA, NC, and MS I believe I can speak with "inside information". Racism and Republicans are in lock step here. These states have a majority of Republican voters. They speak openly about their ideology and their racist views. The "N" word can still be heard every day here. I also believe that above the Mason Dixon line there are many Republicans, maybe even most Republicans, that do not subscribe to a "racist" mind set. But be assured that the mostly "Republican" south is still fighting the Civil War (flags and all) and a majority of African Americans still live in poverty with few avenues to a better life. I believe that it will take the "deep south" another hundred years to finally bury racism for good. I am hopeful that outside influences and our educated youth will be the catalyst.