Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mormonism and Polygamy--Firsthand Accounts

I ran across this powerful video on Mormonism and polygamy while during research.  It provides multiple interviews with former Mormon polygamists, detailing what they have gone through.  What is fascinating is the extent to which Mormon polygamy still seems to be happening among the so-called Mormon fundamentalists in Western states, particularly Arizona and Utah.

Ps.  I'm starting to get the feeling that polygamy became a central focus and organizing factor for early Mormonism, even though it's not central to The Book of Mormon.  It--and the secrecy of the Temple ceremonies, with its reputed freemasonry-like rituals--were what gave it an air of 'cultishness'.  When the main body of Mormons--the LDS--gave up polygamy in 1890, they left the 'cult' phase and moved into the 'sectarian' phase of religion.  And then sometime in the last 30 years, they became a more respected 'denomination' (perhaps when they allowed blacks to become 'priests' (go through the Temple ceremonies and become volunteer adult lay leaders in the local congregations).  That's my current take, anyway.

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