Monday, November 14, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

If you don't read Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast, you don't know what you're missing.  Anyway, here's another of his contributions on the Penn State scandal.
A resident of State College writes:

"About Mike McQueary ... people outside Happy Valley should understand that Sandusky was not just a former coach of his at Penn State. McQueary grew up in town here, and his parents and the Sandusky family are long-time friends. And so when he walked into that shower scene, he was not just seeing some "random guy" or even a former coach. He was seeing someone he's known since he was a boy, and we don't know if there was even perhaps some 'history' between the two, or with some of McQueary's other friends who were in the same environment. At the least, it would have been like seeing his own uncle in there, and talking to his father first doesn't seem so strange when you think about it that way."

Yes it f**king does [stars are mine]. If you see anyone - even your own father - raping a ten year old in the showers, the first thing you do is stop it yourself. You don't even call the cops right away. You clock the rapist in the head or drag the boy out of his clutches. I'm so sick of these excuses for the inexcusable. McQueary is as depraved as all the others who stood by and did nothing.

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