Friday, November 4, 2011

Good to See You, Keith

My favorite cable TV show for politics these days is Countdown with Keith Olbermann, on the Current channel.  He was forced off and/or left MSNBC last spring, but he's come back as strong as ever.

I like Olbermann because he's intelligent, articulate, has good guests, lets them talk (unlike the motor mouth Chris Matthews), and is not obsessed with the current political horserace or the scandal of the day (e.g. Herman 'Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time' Cain and his gaffe du jour) but looks for more substantive issues. 

On the downside, he does occasionally rant once in a while, but, okay, everybody has a weakness.

If you get a chance, find out what channel Current is on your cable lineup and watch him.

1 comment:

  1. Echoing your observations... I've been watching KO for a few years and when he was forced off and/or left MSNBC I chewed my nails until he reappeared on Current TV. I kinda like his rants. After I listen to his show each evening, my blood pressure and heart rate are up. I am alive!! I love his readings of the works of James Thurber on Fridays (but then I admit to being weird).