Sunday, November 6, 2011

Presidency? Atheists, Gays, and Muslims Need Not Apply. Mormons? Maybe.

So, what is the current view in America toward voting for a Mormon for President? According to Gallup:
The new Gallup poll, conducted June 9-12, finds nearly 20% of Republicans and independents saying they would not support a Mormon for president. That is slightly lower than the 27% of Democrats saying the same.

The largest differences in opposition to voting for a Mormon for president are by educational level, with adults who have not attended college more resistant than those with some college experience or college graduates. This educational pattern is seen in attitudes about voting for someone from almost all of the specific religious or demographic groups tested in the poll.
The only people worse off than Mormons in this regard are gays and atheists.  (Sam Harris, fahgat about it!!)
Sorry, I couldn't resist it.
At 22%, Americans' resistance to electing a Mormon president, even one nominated by their own party, is exceeded only by their opposition to electing someone who is either gay or lesbian (32%) or an atheist (49%). By contrast, less than half as many, 10%, say they would not vote for a Hispanic, and fewer than 10% would not vote for a nominee who is Jewish, Baptist, Catholic, female, or black.
The one thing I couldn't find on the Gallup website was how Americans view a Muslim running for President. I bet that would be interesting...which is probably why Gallup decided not to test the proposition.

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