Friday, November 18, 2011

Jeb Bush Backs Jon Huntsman

[Update: Someone brought to my attention that this was actually Jeb Bush, Jr., the son of the Florida governor.  Oops.  Gonna change the picture.]

Jeb Bush Jr.
Now this is interesting.  Just got it via email.
There are just under 12 months left before we wrap up the one and ONLY term of President Barack Obama! I am proud to support Jon Huntsman, a proven job creator who offers leadership and solutions we can trust. I am doing all I can here in Florida and across the nation to help him win. I’ve already donated to his campaign, and I ask that you match my donation with one of your own. Jon’s campaign is pushing hard to finish November strong financially.

Please consider helping today by matching my donation with one of your own today.

To do so, simply visit Jon’s website at It’s secure and will only take a minute of your time. You can also help by sending this email to 5 of your friends or your entire email list with a personal note asking your friends to support Jon as well. I would be so grateful if you would go that extra step to help Jon and our campaign finish November strongly!

He’s been campaigning hard across New Hampshire and just yesterday held his 100th event there. A remarkable contribution that you should support today with your most generous donation to Governor Huntsman's campaign.

Less than one year from now, Americans must once again choose which direction our country will take. We need to make certain Governor Jon Huntsman is the Republican we have in place to defeat President Obama.

Standing proudly with Jon Huntsman,

Jeb Bush, Jr.


  1. I respect Jeb Bush, but I don't think Huntsman has a prayer. He is too liberal for the Tea Party and too conservative for independents. I would like to have seen Jeb jump into the mix but he is way too smart for that. The country is still stinging from the economic hole his brother dug for us.

  2. "Jeb Bush, Jr."

    That's the former Florida governor's 27 year old son. Jeb Bush really doesn't seem to be kind of person who would control his children's endorsements so that doesn't in itself mean that he will endorse Huntsman.